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A Winning Team

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to  helping our animals. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think  you would be a good fit? See our contact page for more information!

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Our History

La vida se cuida, se rescata

Rescate Verdemar se formó con el objetivo de cuidar y preservar a la fauna marina en situaciones de riesgo, además de actuar de diferentes formas y con distintos recursos en pos de la protección de la naturaleza. Sentimos que colaborar para minimizar los impactos ambientales es parte de nuestro compromiso.   Integramos la fundación hombres y mujeres habitantes de la ciudad de Villa Gesell y sus localidades.  Somos y hacemos: Alejandro Raymundo Herrera - Presidente


Animals Are Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort. Our  members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us do good work.  Using community driven models, we take actions that make a long-lasting  difference.


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Marine Wildlife in Argentina is in need of Help

Rescate Verdemar is a team working in Argentina to protect and preserve marine wildlife.

Each  day, phone calls come in about animals needing help including, sea  lions, penguins, dolphins, sea birds, and even land wildlife.

Rescate  started in the 1980s from Alejandro Herrera  (the founder) realizing  that there is marine wildlife dying and needing help on the beaches of  his hometown, but the closest rescue was hundreds of miles away.  Alejandro built a team of volunteers including DR Mauricio Perazzo ; a  local Argentinian Wildlife Vet previously practicing in Santa Barbara  CA. With no resources or funds, they began helping in any way they  could. 

This team started working towards educating children in  the schools about wildlife in the area, cleaning up the beaches, and  providing the rehabilitation/release of wildlife.

All of this  has been done out of our love for animals and knowing that they wouldn't  survive without our help, but we can't keep doing this alone.  Everything that has been done so far has been paid for out of pocket by  the Rescate Verdemar team, and anyone in the area willing to donate  services. 

Over the past few years, the number of animals being  brought in has increased dramatically, exhausting our resources and  finances. Each day, multiple new animals are brought in, and team  members find a way to make it work. Animals are kept in donated cages  and often at team members houses. 

We are currently working towards expanding Rescate Verdemar and need help being able to afford costs for:
-Renting a building to keep all the animals in 
    (antibiotics, pain medicines, etc.)
    (food, bedding, heat lamps, etc.)
    (Need cages large enough to hold sea lions)
    (Need large rehabilitation cages for owls and hawks)
-Medical equipment 
   (We need a lot of vet equipment that we can't afford, so we've been having to improvise with the equipment we do have)
-Truck or car that can fit cages and animals
   (We've been having to borrow cars)

Anything that you are able to donate helps another animal. Even $1 can get food for the animals. 
If you want to stay updated about the animals at our  rescue, you can follow rescate_verdemar on instagram

You can also see some of the animals and stories below!

Thank you!

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